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Rimau dan Rama Square Scarf (Black) [Limited Edition]

RM 99.00

Rimau dan Rama Square Scarf (Black)

In conjunction with International Tiger Day, every purchase of Rimau dan Rama scarf will donate RM10 to RIMAU NGO in supporting the orang asli Menraq Patrol Unit in protecting our Malayan Tigers in Royal Belum State Park.

This scarf is limited edition. There are only 32 pcs for this design.

All scarf purchase will get 2 postcards worth RM10.

Material: Satin Silk
Size: 110x110cm
Finishing: Baby seam
Soft: 10/10
Flowy: 10/10
Opaqueness: 9/10
Thickness: Thin
Breatheable: 9/10
Easy to iron: 9/10
Cooling: 9/10
Appearance: matte with a little shine

Fabric care:
Handwash, Warm iron

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